When you go into counselling or psychotherapy you can expect to be listened to.   You can expect what you say to be thought about and respected and for all that is said to be treated in complete confidence.  

You may want to select a counsellor or psychotherapist who offers the type of support you are looking for – long or short term, therapy or supervision, couples work or mentoring.  Or you may not know what you are looking for and just need someone to talk to.

You can get in touch with a counsellor or psychotherapist by either phoning or emailing them.  Each practitioner’s contact details will be shown on their entry on the Practitioners’ Page.

When you have made contact with your chosen counsellor or psychotherapist you may have some questions and these are often best addressed at an initial meeting when you will have a chance to see what it is like to be with that person.   So, when you first make contact with a practitioner you are likely to discuss how and when you will be able to meet.

At the first meeting you can ask any questions you have and come to some agreement about how you might work together depending on the type of support you are seeking.   For counselling and psychotherapy you would generally expect to meet with your practitioner every week, probably on the same day and at the same time.  For couples work and supervision the agreement may be slightly different.   Sometimes people choose to come more frequently.   Sessions last for up to an hour.  The sessions would continue either for a fixed period, if that is what you have agreed, or open-endedly without a fixed time limit.  Fees vary depending on the practitioner’s level of experience and training and range from about £25 to £50 per session.  Some practitioners offer concessionary rates.